Successful Reviewees

Isn’t it euphonious?

I still can recall the intensity of my happiness when I saw my name in the list of board passers for Psychometrician. I screamed at the top of my lungs, I was teary and trembling; hysterical in the sense that waiting for the result made me anxious. I don’t know if how many thank yous should I say to show how gratefull I am to God and to all the saints who became my confidante during those times. I wasn’t able to contain it. I was soaring high. It was cloud nine.

“At last, all of my efforts paid off”, I said. Sacrificing my Sunday rest days to push thru with the reviews, financing myself for all the expenses, alloting a lot of time needed for processings and taking extramiles to evaluate myself by surfing the net, downloading and printing all available resources that I thought might be helpful have not come for naught. Of course, there are those times that I am just dead tired – unable to even give myself a good night read, simply holding on to my faith.

I remember at some point during our Magezi days, one of our coaches told us that we are brave. We are brave enough to face the challenge, to test ourselves and to step up and get out of our comfort zone. Yes, we are brave, and I am brave enough to take the risk especially when it has already been five years since I graduated college and that I do not even have a single related experience and continual development to lean on.

But I was confident then. I was confident that I will pass the exam no matter what. I was claiming it since the day I decided that I will take the exam, since the day when I saw and held that pin, that license. “I will have my own, my own pin and license”, I thought.

And when the day comes that I will finally raise my right hand and take the oath, together with my parents and my fellow RPm’s, I will officially face the world proud and gratefull of what I have achieved.

Till then, the adventure of being RPm is just about to begin.

– Ma. Rogina C. Mansueto, RPm.

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